The Importance of Technology Solutions From Your Revenue Integrity Partner

Aug 12, 2021

Why Technology?

One of the most important elements in a revenue integrity partnership is technology. When considering engaging a revenue integrity partner or optimizing your current strategy, a commitment to technology will be an asset to the revenue integrity management teams.

Healthcare has changed dramatically, even in the last decade, with greater access to technology. Technology enables us to quickly, collaboratively, and efficiently access a wealth of medical information at the touch of a button. Better treatments, equipment, and medicine have all been made possible through technological advancements, improving quality of life, the standard of care, and speeding up research efforts. Additionally, technology improves the relationships between clinicians and patients through patient portals, access to medical records, and more efficient transcription.

Artificial Intelligence

Regarding revenue integrity, the impact of artificial intelligence has been valuable in providing hospitals with customized reporting solutions that help ensure quality patient care and timely reimbursement. Proper use of technology increases coding accuracy and efficiency, improves medical documentation accuracy, and analyzes data for billing compliance. Data and reporting solutions that offer informative recommendations based on historical data are invaluable in decreasing time to revenue and identifying revenue integrity concerns.

Every partner your health system evaluates should provide technology that enables the team to have the most up-to-date and accessible data. All aggregated claims and denial data should be immediately accessible, provide real-time data, and work seamlessly with existing systems.

How TREND Can Help

CAVO , our propriety claims analysis technology, intakes and extracts data from medical records while utilizing a proprietary search functionality that allows pertinent data to be extracted at the click of a button without requiring a cumbersome visual review. CAVO is proven to increase your clinical appeals team productivity by over 300% and decrease revenue cycle spend. CAVO works by intaking data—including images—from your EMR to create a searchable medical record to help your team determine if an appeal is warranted.  This enables your team to increase their total reviews by ensuring their time is spent working on the most promising appeals. CAVO then assembles appeal packets, utilizing built-in tools such as decision determination and customizable letter templates.

TREND Health Partners provides strategic business intelligence reporting through TREND’s Optics reporting platform. Optics gives clients access to valuable, real-time reporting based on previously disparate denial management data. Create intuitive dashboards with Optics’ flexible framework to display insightful information and pave the way to discovering actionable data points to improve denial management and denial prevention programs.