TREND has been awarded the K2 Collaborative 2024 Points of Light Award for Healthcare Innovation and Collaboration. 

May 10, 2024

Cockeysville, MD – May 1, 2024 (KLAS Research) – In a significant industry acknowledgment, TREND Health Partners (“TREND”), a rapidly growing provider of healthcare credit balance management and payment accuracy solutions is delighted to announce its receipt of the 2024 Points of Light Award from KLAS Research. This accolade is a testament to TREND’s commitment to fostering groundbreaking collaboration, aimed at reduced administrative abrasion and operational efficiencies. 

The Points of Light Award, renowned for recognizing outstanding partnerships that lead to innovative healthcare solutions, was awarded to TREND for its exemplary project reducing high volumes of overpaid claims. This initiative has set a new benchmark for reducing abrasion for both payer and provider organizations. 

To further disseminate the knowledge and insights gained, TREND has made our comprehensive case study available. This document details the points of friction, action plan, outcomes achieved, and best practices, serving as a valuable resource for payer and provider organizations. 

Healthcare professionals, industry stakeholders, and the general public are encouraged to explore this case study to gain a deeper understanding of the project’s impact on healthcare delivery. The case study can be accessed here.

About TREND Health PartnersTREND Health Partners is an independent healthcare payment integrity company. Through a suite of technology-enabled credit balance management and payment accuracy solutions, TREND seeks to improve reimbursement accuracy and reduce administrative costs while fostering collaboration and transparency between payers and providers. For more information, please visit