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TREND bridges the gap between providers and payers to improve payment accuracy and reduce administrative costs for all parties.

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TREND Suite of Services

Expansive Array of Tech-enabled Services Driving Significant Value to Payers and Providers

Credit Balance Recovery

Payment Accuracy

CAVO: DRG/IB Reviews

TREND’s modules analyze insurance paid claims data, COB primacy & transactional data to produce optimal outcomes for our customers

CAVO® is a revolutionary technology platform that supports various complex clinical claims review processes performed by health plans and support services companies. CAVO empowers highly skilled clinical and coding resources with AI-driven functionality that shifts the focus from “low value" tasks and requirements such as document access, search, analysis, and determination support within medical records and other unstructured data to "high value" tasks and requirements such as validation and final determination. The technology enables clinical and coding reviewers to easily access and structure medical records, itemized bills, and additional clinical data efficiently, consistently, cost-effectively, and profitably.
With over one million completed case reviews, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team's productivity by  300%-500%.

Additional Technologies


Providers report overpayments through portal directly to Payer (or TREND). Target audience is non-compliant Providers, rural facilities, Physician Groups, etc. User friendly portal which provides real-time updates and reporting to Payers and Providers at no cost.


As an extension of Credit Balance, analytics are applied to all member claims (utilizing Payer Data) as a “patient history sweep” based on target credit balance root causes to identify additional overpayment opportunity at other Providers.


The first generative AI trained to automate health insurance claims processing, audit, and recovery. To prevent and recover the more than $300B in inaccurate healthcare payments paid annually in the U.S.

TREND Technologies

TRENDConnect is built with leading-edge technologies which enable high scalability, security and usability

The TREND Difference

TREND serves as a trusted partner to providers and payers to improve payment accuracy and reduce administrative costs for all parties

TREND Suite of Services

An expansive Array of Tech-enabled Services Driving Significant Value to Payers and Providers



More recoveries, faster results


Increased payment accuracy


Detect anomalies early and automate processes



Reduce costs and/or reallocate staff


Increase net revenue


Improve contract compliance

Payer #1

Multi-State BCBS Plan Multi-Service

“I love TREND’s portal. It is super easy and friendly and has all the information I ever need. I have never had an issue with them. They are very responsive to our questions, produce any information we are looking for, and they are very thorough.”

Payer #2

Multi-State BCBS Plan
Credit Balance

“TREND’s agility to be able to ingest the data we provide was a very amenable process. Their technology folks are very in tune with being able to take the data and consume it. It was a combination of talent on staff to take the convoluted big sets of data and understand it, and be able to provide value, and execute via their relationships in the marketplace.”

Payer #3

Single-State BCBS Plan payment Accuracy

“Vendors put on a pony show, and integration with a payer is always a challenge, but not so with TREND–their systems, their workflows, their reporting tools all did what they said, and it was a seamless integration with our process.”