2022 CAVO® Client Experience Highlights

Jan 18, 2023

Going into 2023, TREND Health Partners remains committed to a high-quality, responsive, in-house client experience team and backs it up with measured proof. Outsourcing can be less client-focused and lead to low client satisfaction, lost productivity, and lost revenue. With a 100% U.S.-based support team, TREND’s clients receive faster and better support since our team is ready and qualified to answer questions during your team’s work hours, leading to continued productivity.

Through CAVO®’s integration and deployment of Intercom, TREND’s client experience team offers immediate responses to client questions and feedback. In-app integration allows our clients to access our client-experience professionals whenever the need arises. This can happen without leaving the platform, accelerating the adoption and learning curve associated with technology applications such as CAVO.

Let’s review our 2022 client experience highlights:

  • Almost 95% of CAVO’s in-platform support chat requests were answered in less than five minutes
    • In fact, TREND’s team had an average response time of 30 seconds
  • As seen in the chart below, nearly 50% of support requests and conversations were resolved in less than five minutes
  • Regardless of our client’s preferred choice in support platform, our response time stayed low
    • We had 2,245 support requests via in-platform support chat and 1,283 requests by email
  • In June alone, we sent out over 1,500 support responses to clients

As evident in the Intercom data, TREND’s customer experience team is efficient but did you know our CAVO platform is also highly-rated? With a Net Promoter Score® of 80, TREND blew the average 2022 score for B2B Software & SaaS companies of 40 out of the water. In fact, our client experience team was a large part of that, with an average score of 4.86/5 for overall customer satisfaction.

With over one million completed case reviews, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team’s productivity by over 400%.

CAVO is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines the medical record review process by providing solutions to your payment integrity challenges in one place. With an open API and a HIPAA-complaint-certified framework, CAVO reduces your organization’s time to revenue and improves efficiency across the board. The TREND Health Partners team has strong clinical and claims knowledge to assist your organization with mapping between siloed systems. Our data science team helps you break down complex processes with AI and machine learning.

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