TREND Health Partners’ CAVO® Net Promoter Score® Results

Jul 1, 2022

TREND Health Partners is excited to share our Net Promoter Score®, where we asked our clients and partners to discuss their experiences using CAVO® and working with the CAVO support team to streamline their medical claims review processes.

  • With a Net Promoter Score® of 80, TREND blew the average 2022 score for B2B Software & SaaS companies of 40 out of the water
  • On average, 9 out of 10 participants reported they would recommend TREND to their colleagues
  • TREND received an average score of 4.86/5 for overall customer satisfaction
  • Participants recommended TREND based on flexibility, problem-solving, communication, training, and guidance

What some of our partners are saying

“The support we have received from CAVO is top-notch! They are available at all times, willing to work with us on anything we ask about, and are very cordial, understanding, and patient with all questions and concerns we have.”

—Manager, Charge Audits, RN, Health Plan Consulting Vendor

“The CAVO platform is powerful, and it has been great to see how it has evolved to leverage OCR capabilities to improve IB and clinical audits.”

—Director, Payment Integrity, Northwest Regional Health Plan

These results and feedback directly reflect upon the unique combination of industry-leading service and powerful solution of TREND Health Partners and CAVO. We look forward to continuing to deliver an exceptional product and customer service.

Featured Case Study

The experience and successes of one national multiline managed care payer are documented in our latest case study. Learn how they saved more than $2 million in under 10 minutes by using the CAVO platform to audit a $10 million, 300+ page claim.

About CAVO®

CAVO® is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines the medical record review process by providing solutions to your payment integrity challenges in one place. With an open API and a HIPAA-complaint-certified framework, CAVO reduces your organization’s time to revenue and improves efficiency across the board. The TREND Health Partners team has strong clinical and claims knowledge to assist your organization with mapping between siloed systems, and our data science team helps you break down complex processes with AI and machine learning.

With over one million completed case reviews, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team’s productivity by over 300%. Discover how CAVO can help your organization.