AI-Driven Medical Claim Review Technology

Appeal & Claims Technology

CAVO is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines the claim review process by aggregating decision data and building appeals in one place.

Facilitate Clinical Pharmacy Workflow Solutions and Minimize Administrative Costs

Developed in-house as TREND Health Partners’ proprietary claims analysis tool, CAVO was designed by clinical and technical nurses, coders, and claims analysts to review claims and build appeals all in one platform.

CAVO creates searchable medical record data, with built-in functionality for a multitude of use cases. By enabling your current team to easily increase the total volume of appeal reviews from beginning to end, CAVO reduces administrative costs and decreases time to revenue.

Billion dollars recovered in revenue for our clients

Health systems and hospitals served

Million denials processed

Implementing Payment Integrity Technology


DRG and Clinical Validation

CAVO technology not only intakes and extracts data from medical records but utilizes a proprietary search functionality that allows data to be extracted at the click of a button without requiring a visual review. Our technology is clinician-led, and clinical expertise is incorporated into every line of code written to bring healthcare-focused organization and efficiency to your workflow.

Combat Prior Authorization Denials

Prior authorization is one of the top causes of claim denials for hospitals and health systems, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. TREND Health Partners has the clinical expertise and the technology to help your organization combat prior authorization denials.


Built-In EMR API Access

Simplify the clinical documentation and record retrieval process for claims reviews with Connect. With provider support, Connect enables health plan EMR access using FHIR to real-time data in medical records, itemized bills, and additional clinical documentation—while eliminating both provider’s and plan’s costly administrative burden.

The Impact of CAVO

Communication Efficiencies

Increase communication efficiencies through easily shared documentation with health plans.

Compelling Appeal Packets

Seamlessly create appeal packets pinpointing decision data for compelling arguments

Productivity Increases

Increase productivity by 300+% by streamlining decisions.

How CAVO works


Creates searchable medical record data – including images.


Increases total appeal reviews by leveraging clinical and coding resources.


Interfaces with internal and external systems.


CAVO facilitates machine learning.