Plan Client Success – CAVO Cost Containment Readmission Reviews

Nov 25, 2020

Cost Containment Readmission Reviews Unit Experiences 6:1 ROI During CAVO® Kick-Off Training


Client reviewers had to first locate the records associated with the case. Next, reviewers located appropriate documentation within the case (e.g., ED notes, Admission notes, H&P) to find presenting symptoms and reasons for admission. Nurses then pulled up their notes in a Word document and compared the Progress Notes and Discharge Summary – typically by reading each of these documents in full. Given that it’s a readmission case, this complete process was repeated two additional times. How did cost containment readmission address this situation?


Reviewers begin their work with all documents pre-populated within cases. By implementing CAVO functionality as needed such as tagging pages, utilizing pre-defined searches to instantly find common determination data (which were customized to their organization during client onboarding), and capturing/referencing notes without interruption, CAVO immediately increased this team’s productivity, even during their first days of training.

Next, TREND’s coding and nurse training team showed them a new method for reviewing the case “backward” in CAVO by finding the key details first and then verifying that information – steps easily accomplished in CAVO. This philosophy not only streamlined their reviews significantly, it transformed once labor-intensive, manual reviews into an efficient decision process with the necessary data at the reviewers’ fingertips.


Readmission case reviews averaged 2.5 hours when this team arrived in Nashville for CAVO kick-off training. Before heading home, this team was completing their readmission cases – without our trainers’ assistance – in an average of 40 minutes with the help of CAVO Cost Containment Readmission.

That’s a CAVO ROI of 6:1 – after only two days of training.