Introducing: A Superior Client Experience

May 22, 2023

The New CAVO Interface

TREND Health Partners is excited to unveil the latest release of CAVO® — featuring new, powerful features to enhance the CAVO experience. These features will enable greater flexibility among users, increase the power of individual modules, and use cases facilitating the exact functions and descriptions users need to be successful. This release also includes the addition of a broader range of compatibility with devices and resolutions, all designed to create an enhanced experience that will yield greater productivity and greater financial value.

What’s new?

Dynamic Workspace

CAVO’s workspace was updated to support dynamic processes. Modules can now be arranged within the workspace in different ways. Users can drag and drop individual modules from the new Module Tray on the left to any desired space. Guides will appear when dragging to show how the module will be arranged when placed in the location below the cursor. The workspace also introduces Stacks, where individual modules are arranged as customizable tabs. This will allow the user to quickly use more modules than they have room for in their workspace, allowing more effective use of smaller screen sizes and more complex tasks.

Fullscreen Document Viewer

Due to the dynamic nature of the workspace, a full-screen document viewer is now possible within CAVO.

Customizable Layout Functionality

Stacks and modules within the workspace can be saved as layouts. Layouts have save capabilities for modules that have been added to the workspace and their specific user-defined position and size relative to each other. Additional layouts may be added by the user or created and published by supervisors to support different workflow functions for their team.

CAVO’s customizable layout functionality and dynamic workspace – User Experience Designer: Keenan Sultanik

These new features enable our clients to use CAVO in a way that works for them. CAVO can do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.